Special Interest Group
December - [ 2011 ]
Sl.No Title (click to view) Source Date
1 Lupin to replicate Japan Model for Expansion in various Market Economic Times 26-Dec-2011
2 Genotypic first certified service provider for Ion Torrent's PGM in India Bio Spectrum 26-Dec-2011
3 BioInvest 2011: Four ideas to change the future DARE 26-Dec-2011
4 Genotypic Technology Pvt Ltd, first certified service provider for Ion Torrent's PGM in India Bio Spectrum Asia 26-Dec-2011
5 State plans rs 100 crores Biotech park in Mysore Business Standard 23-Dec-2011
6 Biocon inks pacts with US Firm Deccan Herald 22-Dec-2011
7 Astrazeneca Drug pipeline hit Financial Chronicle 21-Dec-2011
8 Regulating Stem Cell based research and therapy in India Deccan Herald 19-Dec-2011
9 Lupin, Genzyme end row over blood disorder drugs Financial Chronicle 19-Dec-2011
10 Karnataka plans centre for excellence in pharmacology The Hindu, 17-Dec-2011
11 Bulk Drug should remain under price control, says Pharma MNCs Financial Express 17-Dec-2011
12 Lupin gets FDA approval for generic Cymbalta Business Standard 10-Dec-2011
13 Indian Pharma firms back price regulation The Times of India 06-Dec-2011
14 ICMR to fram Clinical trial Compensation Guidelines Business Line 04-Dec-2011
15 Lupin gets FDA nods for generic antibiotics Economic Times 03-Dec-2011
November - [ 2011 ]
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16 Manipal partners with Avesthagen for whole genome scan Business Line 26-Nov-2011
17 Mahyco Monsanto to give better cotton tech by 2013 Business Standard 24-Nov-2011
18 Top pharma firms shows no growth in July- Sept Financial Chronicle 23-Nov-2011
19 Govt. to tighten control over chemicals The Times of India 23-Nov-2011
20 Biocon says will find insulin partner by March Economic Times 23-Nov-2011
21 Institut Curie selects Strand to develop breakthrough Image Analysis Platform Microscopy-News.com 23-Nov-2011
22 Bio-tech can help boost productivity Times of India 19-Nov-2011
23 Biotech must for farm growth in MP The Hindu 19-Nov-2011
24 'Biotechnology will increase farmers' income' The Pioneer 19-Nov-2011
25 Lupin set to buy Japan's I'rom pharma Times of India 18-Nov-2011
26 MP must harness agribiotech for farmers prosperity Central Chronocle 18-Nov-2011
27 Centre plans to regulate the prices of essential drug Hindustan Times 17-Nov-2011
28 Bayer India to double sales to 1 b euro by 2015 The Hindu 16-Nov-2011
29 Agriculture Ministry seeks more funds for research work in 12th plan Economic times 11-Nov-2011
30 Lupin net rises 24% on all round sales growth Business Line 10-Nov-2011
31 Mahyco eyes 10% growth in revenue this fiscal Economic Times 07-Nov-2011
32 Biotech park to come up in Mysore The Hindu 05-Nov-2011
33 Rs.12000 Cr 'dream plan' recommended for pharma sector Business Line 04-Nov-2011
34 Small Bioinformatics players with Niche gene doing well Business Line 02-Nov-2011
35 Jubilant Life sciences profit rises 8% Business line 02-Nov-2011
36 Avesthagen Sava Medica form venture to retail neutraceuticals Business Line 01-Nov-2011
37 Small bio info dealers bags steady outsourcing deals Business Line 01-Nov-2011
October - [ 2011 ]
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38 New pharma policy to cap prices of 60% drugs Mint 28-Oct-2011
39 Lupin's India Biz to maintain 15% - 20% growth Business Standard 27-Oct-2011
40 Stem Cells as a tool for Drug Discovery Financial Express 24-Oct-2011
41 Panel warns on pharma MNC demand Financial Express 18-Oct-2011
42 Lupin Eyes 2 Marketing Alliance by March Economic Times 18-Oct-2011
43 UAS develops 2 variety of wheat Business Standard 17-Oct-2011
44 Indian Pharma Firms to cut medicine rates in Pakistan by a third Business Standard 16-Oct-2011
45 DCGI puts a cap on paracetamol combo The Pioneer 13-Oct-2011
46 Pharma acquisitions to be routed through CCI The Hindu 11-Oct-2011
47 AstraZeneca to invest $200 m in China The Telegraph 11-Oct-2011
48 PM to discuss pharma FDI with key ministries Business Line 10-Oct-2011
September - [ 2011 ]
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49 Ganit Labs Sequences the Neem plant's genome The Hindu 29-Sep-2011
50 Drug export packs to have bar code from next week Business Line 25-Sep-2011
51 Mazumdar - Shaw, GM Rao features on the RBI board list Indian Express 24-Sep-2011
52 Avesthagen gets Us patents for drought tolerant rice Business Line 24-Sep-2011
53 Govt. proposal to cap FDI faces criticism Mint 23-Sep-2011
54 Lupin's carpet bombing in US begins to pay DNA 23-Sep-2011
55 Seed sector wants early decisions on Bt cotton seed pricing Business Line 23-Sep-2011
56 FDI in pharma likely to need government approval Financial Chronicle 22-Sep-2011
57 Delay in approvals hurting Drug development The Hindu 22-Sep-2011
58 Biocon eyes $1 b revenue in 3 years Financial chronicle 21-Sep-2011
59 China, India making inroads in Biotech drugs Hindustan Times 20-Sep-2011
60 Half baked policy Business Standard 20-Sep-2011
61 Govt. unveils new duty drawback plan for exporters Business Line 17-Sep-2011
62 Jubilant Life in $70-m deal with US pharma company Business Line 15-Sep-2011
63 Biocon Starts work on malaysian Biopharma facility Business Line 14-Sep-2011
64 Government suspends AIDS vaccine trial Hindustan Times 13-Sep-2011
65 2 day international bio meet in Hyderabad Business Line 13-Sep-2011
66 Monsanto hopes India will clear Bt corn in 3 yrs Business Line 11-Sep-2011
67 Biocon to invest $ 161 in Malaysia Business Standard 11-Sep-2011
68 Planning commission in favor of status quo on FDI pharma Mint 05-Sep-2011
69 Biotech sector faces fund shortage for research and development Business Line 03-Sep-2011
70 Lupin, Sanofi-Aventis ink pacts Mint 02-Sep-2011
71 Lupin looks at big ticket alliance, acquisition in India Business Line 01-Sep-2011
72 Lupin receives US approval for Drugs Business Line 01-Sep-2011
August - [ 2011 ]
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73 BT Sector revenue cross $4 Billion Deccan Herald 31-Aug-2011
74 Hands off policy on FDI in pharma Telegraph 30-Aug-2011
75 Evolva Biotech Developing sweetener molecule to tap diabetics market Business Line 30-Aug-2011
76 Meeting to discuss price control of Cancer Drugs Mint 29-Aug-2011
77 US- India Business group roped in for Biotech show next year Business Line 26-Aug-2011
78 Nationwide medicine theft racket busted in Junagadh Times of india 26-Aug-2011
79 Biocon arm inks pact with US firm Business Standard 24-Aug-2011
80 Scientists move closer to HIV Vaccine, isolate antibodies Times of India 19-Aug-2011
81 Pharma growth slows down to single digits Times of India 17-Aug-2011
82 Vaccine in the making to check Chikungunya Times of India 14-Aug-2011
83 Jubilant Life signs pact with global firm The Hindu 13-Aug-2011
84 Jubilant Life Sciences net up 53% as international biz booms Business Line 10-Aug-2011
85 Agri Biotech Industry seeks speedy clearance of regulators, Seed Bills Business Line 08-Aug-2011
86 Bt Cotton is good for us; keep politics out: Farmer DNA Bangalore 07-Aug-2011
87 Biotech need of the hour Indian Express 07-Aug-2011
88 Ready for personalised medicine Times of India 05-Aug-2011
89 Lupin looks to acquire Large LatAm Firm Mint 02-Aug-2011
July - [ 2011 ]
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90 Lupin Distribute Eli Lilly's insulin in Nepal Business Line 30-Jul-2011
91 State Nod for GM trial crop hits research,says Biotech body Financial Express 28-Jul-2011
92 Indian business not for sale, says Lupin top management Business Line 28-Jul-2011
93 Lupin Net up 7% Financial Express 28-Jul-2011
94 Almost 90 % of Cotton in India is BT Business Standard 26-Jul-2011
95 CSIR keen to revive sick PSU Bengal Pharma cos Business Line 24-Jul-2011
96 A reference point for Drug Makers Business world 23-Jul-2011
97 Biocon Global Oral Insulin Trial with International Partner Business Standard 22-Jul-2011
98 Lupin denies plans to sell India unit, shares edgy Hindustan Times 20-Jul-2011
99 PM Bats for Bio-Tech to improve farm outputs Business Standard 17-Jul-2011
100 Future of BT Brinjal Financial Express 14-Jul-2011
101 Experiments with the untruth Times of India 14-Jul-2011
102 Biotech Park for start up launched Times of India 12-Jul-2011
103 Bar code will make it easy to check spurious drug The Hindu 10-Jul-2011
104 What is your policy on GM food parliamentary panel asks AP Govt. Business Line 07-Jul-2011
105 Lupin gets USFDA approval for hypertension drug Economics Times 07-Jul-2011
106 Biotech Park work to begin on July 11 Deccan Herald 07-Jul-2011
107 Phama FDA cap may be cut to 49% Time of India 05-Jul-2011
108 Home grown Jugaad set for patent cover Times of India 04-Jul-2011
109 India, Pak near deal to check out drug trafficking Financial Chronicle 04-Jul-2011
110 Bayer to settle GMO rice suits for $750 million Business Standard 03-Jul-2011
111 Prices of 100 medicine packs revised Business Standard 03-Jul-2011
112 Clinical research to generate 50,000 jobs in 5 years The Hindu 02-Jul-2011
113 Reusable insulin Pento lead Biocon's new launches Business Line 01-Jul-2011
114 Barcode deadline for drug exporters extend till July 2012 Financial Express 01-Jul-2011
115 Take cotton success story forward Business Line 01-Jul-2011
116 Regulatory Authorities for Biotech on Cards Times of India 01-Jul-2011
117 Flu 'Super Antibody' may bring universal shot closer Business Line 30-Jun-2011
118 Amended bill is even worse, says farmer The Hindu 30-Jun-2011
June - [ 2011 ]
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119 Deadline on barcodes for pharma exports may be extended Business Line 30-Jun-2011
120 Wrong perception on GM Crops must be fought with PPP model Financial Chronicle 28-Jun-2011
121 Biotech Crop acreage touch 1 Billion ha Business Standard 28-Jun-2011
122 Import of Drugs under price control to be hit Business Standard 26-Jun-2011
123 DCGI suspends clinical trial approval of axis Deccan Chronicle 26-Jun-2011
124 2 drug therapy offers hope to diabetes Times of India 25-Jun-2011
125 Needed a biotech regulator Financial Express 24-Jun-2011
126 Lupin Natco tie up to market generic of GSK cancer Drugs Economic Times 24-Jun-2011
127 Avesthagen gets patent from US Body Business Standard 23-Jun-2011
128 Lupin gets USFDA node for antibacterial tablets Economics Times 23-Jun-2011
129 Is the drug fake? SMS and get a reply Business Line 22-Jun-2011
130 Serum targets Africa for cheap vaccine supply Financial Chronicle 22-Jun-2011
131 Brand protection firm seeks to rope in drug firms Business Standard 22-Jun-2011
132 Saving herbal Medicine Business Standard 20-Jun-2011
133 Biotech Sector clocks 21.5 % growth in 2010-2011 Financial Express 18-Jun-2011
134 Strong sales push sees rural pharma growth Doubling Economic Times 18-Jun-2011
135 Govt to revamp draft pharma Policy Business Standards 17-Jun-2011
136 Lupin Buys Australian Heritage Brand Business Line 16-Jun-2011
137 Top Level Changes at Shantha Biotech Business 14-Jun-2011
138 India to track USFDA drug recalls disclosures Business Standards 12-Jun-2011
139 Contract research to grow at a healthy clip: ICRA Business Line Bangalore 10-Jun-2011
140 Bharat Biotech will sell diarrhoea vaccine at $1 a dose Business Line 07-Jun-2011
141 GEAC meet delay may put off trial plans for GM crops Business Standard 07-Jun-2011
142 Clinical trials claimed 25 lives in 2010, only 5 paid compensation Times of India 06-Jun-2011
143 Govt to ban free gifts, Sponsored trips to doctor Economics Times 04-Jun-2011
144 Jubilant Life Sciences gets FDA nod for Drugs Financial Express 04-Jun-2011
145 Govt Breaches promise vaccine PSUs still shut Pioneer ND 04-Jun-2011
146 Lupin strengthens Biological product pipeline Business Line 02-Jun-2011
147 Panacea Biotech to Set up 175 bed hospital in Delhi Political and Business Daily 02-Jun-2011
May - [ 2011 ]
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148 UNICEF discloses vaccine prices for the first time The Hindu 30-May-2011
149 Experts favor limited release of Bt Brinjal Business Line 26-May-2011
150 Stringent laws will now regulate clinical trials DNA bangalore 26-May-2011
151 Punjab Drug Body seeks CBI probe into buys Financial express 25-May-2011
152 Jubilant Life repays $202 m for outstanding FCCBs Economics Times 24-May-2011
153 Drug approval halts as regulators puts in new clearance systems Business Standard 23-May-2011
154 Two days after hike BT Cotton Seeds with revised rates out on market The Times of India 23-May-2011
155 DEPB withdrawal could upset the pharma applecart DNA Bangalore 21-May-2011
156 Drug cos insist on pushing bar coding deadline to 2013 Financial Express 21-May-2011
157 Lupin Files more ANDA to combat delay of generic approval DNA BAngalore 19-May-2011
158 Cotton seeds companies set to earn Rs 700 crores The Economic Times 17-May-2011
159 Cheap Chinese drug imports worry Government Mail today 16-May-2011
160 No limited release of Bt Brinjal says Ramesh Business standard 15-May-2011
161 Avesthagen Sing up Kemwell to make its drugs Business Line 14-May-2011
162 More drug launches, Litigation settlements ahead says Lupin official Business Line 13-May-2011
163 Jubilant Q4 net at Rs 63 Cr Business standards 12-May-2011
164 Maharashtra says no to Bt Cotton seed price Hike economic Times 11-May-2011
165 Karnataka Plans Pharma Policy to spur Growth Business Line 10-May-2011
166 Extend the moratorium on Bt Brinjal Express Buzz 09-May-2011
167 Acquisition fund soon for biotech Business Line 06-May-2011
168 Indian biotech industry grows 33% in 2010 Deccan Herald 06-May-2011
169 No clinical trials from today Deccan Herald 04-May-2011
170 Biotech firms want more govt support The Times of India 04-May-2011
171 Singh favours strict rules for drug trade The Telegraph 02-May-2011
172 We focus on generating profit, not sales numbers Business Standard 02-May-2011
173 Genome test: A Research tool or Diagnostic Miracle Times of India 01-May-2011
174 Domestic drug makers set to invoke compulsory licensing route by June Business Standard 01-May-2011
April - [ 2011 ]
Sl.No Title (click to view) Source Date
175 Biocon to sell majority stake in AxiCorp; Q4 net up 25% Mint 29-Apr-2011
176 No decision taken at experts meet on Bt Brinjal The Hindu 28-Apr-2011
177 How Biotechnology can help in inclusive development Economic Times 25-Apr-2011
178 Dr. Reddy's reaches deal with pfizer arm on patent case Business Line, Bangalore 24-Apr-2011
179 A shot to reverse Alzheimer's soon Business Line, Bangalore 24-Apr-2011
180 Drug import :Finmin says no to Anti-dumping duty Economic Times, Bangalore 23-Apr-2011
181 Biocon to invest Rs 450 cr on insulin programmes Business Line 22-Apr-2011
182 Obama's remark cheers Indian healthcare firms Deccan chronicle, Hyderabad 22-Apr-2011
183 Minister's Panel to look into FDI in pharma Sector Economics Times 21-Apr-2011
184 'Concerns On GM Food safety unfounded' Business line B'lore 20-Apr-2011
185 2 submit bits to develop Bangalore Helix phase 2 Business Line 19-Apr-2011
186 Lupin aims to Break into top Five Japanese market The Economic Times 18-Apr-2011
187 Pharma MNCs take JV route for India Business standards 17-Apr-2011
188 PharmaSecure to roll out codes for 100 million drug packs Business line B'lore 16-Apr-2011
189 A Universal cancer jab on the anvil Deccan Herald 16-Apr-2011
190 Ecron Acunova buys 75% in Danish clinical research firm Business Line Bangalore 14-Apr-2011
191 Automatic approval of FDI may be restricted to new projects Mint 12-Apr-2011
192 No new licensing norms needed for pharma cos: DIPP Business line B'lore 12-Apr-2011
193 PE/VC Investments ascends in Pharma Sector Financial Express 11-Apr-2011
194 Commercial farming of Golden Rice in 2 years Business line B'lore 10-Apr-2011
195 Health Ministry plans curbs on irrational use of Antibiotics Times of India 09-Apr-2011
196 New Weapon: Mutant Fungus could help to fight malaria Times of India 08-Apr-2011
197 Govt Sits on Plan to check Antibiotic Abuse Telegraph 08-Apr-2011
198 Non- compliance with disclosure norms on Patents may bring troubles for pharma cos Economic Times 07-Apr-2011
199 HIV vaccine clears first hurdle, faces more tests Times of India 05-Apr-2011
200 Panel to address issues of pharma industry Business Standard 05-Apr-2011
201 Ministry finalises National Health Research Policy The Hindu 04-Apr-2011
202 India Short of vaccines against killer diseases Times of India 03-Apr-2011
203 Lupin is aiming to break into top 5 Japanese companies The Economic Times 30-Nov--0001
March - [ 2011 ]
Sl.No Title (click to view) Source Date
204 No data sharing of drugs in trade impacts: Sharma The Hindu 31-Mar-2011
205 Pharma IPOs to open ways for PE exits Business standards 31-Mar-2011
206 Biotech body bats for Bt Cotton Business Standard 30-Mar-2011
207 Investors Exist Defensive Play,Pharma slips 20% in a month Economics Times 29-Mar-2011
208 The 'confusopoly' of pricing drugs The Hindu Business Line 28-Mar-2011
209 Biotech firms body seeks stimulus to drive research, develop products The Hindu Business Line 26-Mar-2011
210 Agriculture's pulse The Financial Express 26-Mar-2011
211 CSIR in talks for clinical trials on two open-source molecules Live Mint 24-Mar-2011
212 Breakthrough to beat Alzheimer's? Deccan Chronicle 22-Mar-2011
213 Ministry reissues notice on drug ban, 2 more added to list The Times of India 20-Mar-2011
214 Government likely to bring cancer drugs under price control The Economic Times 19-Mar-2011
215 Price Parity for Cancer Drugs in the Works The Economic Times 19-Mar-2011
216 Vaccine-related deaths treble after closure of govt labs in 08 The Times of India 19-Mar-2011
217 Apex body to regulate stem cell research finally in place The Times of India 19-Mar-2011
218 MSD India plans to set up $130 mn R&D facility Financial Buzz 18-Mar-2011
219 Biocon's drug development partner Optimer receives US patent for Fidaxomicin The Economic Times 18-Mar-2011
220 Diabetes, tuberculosis drugs prices increased Deccan Herald 17-Mar-2011
221 Health ministry sets up taskforce to address issues of pharma industry Business Standard 16-Mar-2011
222 Shortage of Bt seeds to affect cotton output Business Standard 15-Mar-2011
223 India, EU settle generics dispute, pave way for FTA talks in April The Economic Times 15-Mar-2011
224 8,000-plus drugstores planned to heal rural healthcare Financial Express 14-Mar-2011
225 High drug prices: Not a healthy sign, says experts Hindustan Times 14-Mar-2011
226 Govt weighs uniform code for pharma marketing Financial Express 12-Mar-2011
227 Fourth Biotech Summit begins The Hindu 11-Mar-2011
228 Bangalore must be biotech capital DNA 11-Mar-2011
229 Novo Nordisk plans largest diabetes study, new clinical trails in India Mint 10-Mar-2011
230 Ms. Anuradha Acharya has been honoured as 2011 Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum Pr Inside 10-Mar-2011
231 Planning Commission panel for slashing pharma FDI DNA 09-Mar-2011
232 Jubilant Life Sciences to set up new plant in Gujarat Business Standard 08-Mar-2011
233 Drugmakers to appeal Allahabad High Court against barcode order The Economic Times 07-Mar-2011
234 Avesthagen to begin trials of anaemia drug The Hindu Business Line 05-Mar-2011
235 New software on cards for clinical trials The Hindu Business Line 05-Mar-2011
236 Avesthagen enzymes ready for clinical trials Financial Express 04-Mar-2011
237 Banned drugs still being sold Deccan Chronicle 02-Mar-2011
238 Budget gives biotech R&D a miss, honchos furious The Hindu Business Line 02-Mar-2011
239 Pharma cos unhappy with no R&D sops Financial Chronicle 01-Mar-2011
240 Nothing to take biotech at international level Financial Chronicle 01-Mar-2011
February - [ 2011 ]
Sl.No Title (click to view) Source Date
241 A play-it-safe budget with no bold reforms: Kiran Majumdar Shaw India Infoline 28-Feb-2011
242 Lack of biotech food safety is a myth The Economic Times 26-Feb-2011
243 Pfizer teams up with brewmaster Kiran for $14-bn insulin market Financial Express 25-Feb-2011
244 India set to make headway in HIV vaccine research Deccan Herald 24-Feb-2011
245 Asia emerging global biotechnology hub The Hindu Business Line 24-Feb-2011
246 State attracts Rs 8,253 cr into IT/BT sectors in H1 of FY11 Business Standard 24-Feb-2011
247 'India should evolve norms on biological medicines' The Hindu Business Line 23-Feb-2011
248 Biotech sector to grow 5 fold by '15 Financial Express 23-Feb-2011
249 Spare life-saving, cancer drugs from duties: Biotech industry The Hindu Business Line 22-Feb-2011
250 Loosen tax noose Deccan Chronicle 22-Feb-2011
251 US pharmaceutical body says India needs strong drug standards DNA 22-Feb-2011
252 All systems go Financial Express 21-Feb-2011
253 Making the right decisions critical to biopharma portfolio Financial Express 19-Feb-2011
254 BioAsia meet to launch projects worth Rs 3,000 cr The Hindu Business Line 19-Feb-2011
255 Forget fish oil, get ready for Avesthagen's veg omega-3 The Hindu Business Line 16-Feb-2011
256 India's first stem cell trial to take place in Bangalore Deccan Herald 16-Feb-2011
257 Panacea Biotec to launch breast cancer drug The Economic Times 11-Feb-2011
258 'Ban on Bt brinjal hampers farm research' The Hindu Business Line 10-Feb-2011
259 Natco seeks US FDA nod for Tamiflu generic DNA 10-Feb-2011
260 Withdraw multiple drugs sold under same name: DCGI The Economic Times 10-Feb-2011
261 A vaccine for dengue by 2015? Trials on The Times of India 10-Feb-2011
262 Universal flu vaccine tested successfully Science Daily 08-Feb-2011
263 Global pharma: Pressed for delivery amid regulation The Hindu Business Line 08-Feb-2011
264 'Anti-GMO campaign gaining ground in US' The Hindu Business Line 07-Feb-2011
265 Sanofi, Genzyme closer to $20-b deal The Economic Times 07-Feb-2011
266 Top cities to have private storage for dental stem cells soon Financial Chronicle 07-Feb-2011
267 Cure for Aids? Genes may hold key The Times of India 05-Feb-2011
268 Scientists grow blood vessels in laboratory The Asian Age 04-Feb-2011
269 This stem cell spray can heal severe burns The Times of India 04-Feb-2011
270 TN to revamp bio-tech policy The Hindu Business Line 01-Feb-2011
December - [ 2012 ]
Sl.No Title (click to view) Source Date
271 Policy, regulatory hurdles in energy sector must be removed Business Line 31-Dec-2012
272 Suven Life gets 3 patent approvals for CNS molecules Mint 31-Dec-2012
273 Push Stem Cell Research To Help Mankind. Economic Times 27-Dec-2012
274 Jayadeva institute doctors perform angioplasty using dissolvable stent The Hindu 23-Dec-2012
275 Domestic revenue in biotech sector tops export income. Business Line 21-Dec-2012
276 Arthritis drugs may help cure Alzheimer’s. Bangalore Mirror 21-Dec-2012
277 Lupin gets USFDA nod for oral contraceptive tablets. Business Line 19-Dec-2012
278 Diabetic? Not to worry, try some kokam sherbet Bangalore Mirror 18-Dec-2012
279 Biocon Ltd gives Malaysian company CCM Pharmaceuticals licence for insulin distribution. Economic Times 18-Dec-2012
280 Panacea gets Rs 188 cr order from govt for polio vaccines Economic Times 17-Dec-2012
281 Lilly Alzheimer's drug gets second chance, plans new trial Reuters 12-Dec-2012
November - [ 2012 ]
Sl.No Title (click to view) Source Date
282 Genotypic, NIPGR launch chickpea microarray. BioSpectrum 29-Nov-2012
283 2 new drugs to treat TB likely by 2013. The Asian Age 17-Nov-2012
284 Biocon to come out with new drug for treating Psoriasis Business Line 17-Nov-2012
285 Biocon, Bristol-Myers sign drug deal Financial Express 16-Nov-2012
286 Novartis drug reduces death in heart failure cases by 37%. Financial Chronicle 07-Nov-2012
October - [ 2012 ]
Sl.No Title (click to view) Source Date
287 Top medical innovations address headache, diabetes, cancer Financial Express 31-Oct-2012
288 Scientists grow cartilage from stem cells. Deccan Herald 30-Oct-2012
289 Virtual Liver may be cure for drug failures in clinical trials. Economic Times 22-Oct-2012
290 Herbal cure for pancreatic cancer Deccan Herald 17-Oct-2012
291 Lupin gets US FDA nod for generic Avapro tablets Economic Times 17-Oct-2012
292 Lupin identifies cancer drugs as focus area in Japan. Economic Times 14-Oct-2012
293 Cervical cancer vaccine developed Deccan Herald 12-Oct-2012
294 Sanofi launches re-usable insulin pen priced Rs 650 Business Line 09-Oct-2012
295 India-US biotechnology tie-up to invest in joint research Business Line 07-Oct-2012
296 Advinus Ties Up with Japans Takeda for Drug Discovery,to Get $36 million Economic Times 05-Oct-2012
297 Stem cell research takes another big step Deccan Herald 05-Oct-2012
298 The biomolecules innovator BioSpectrum 05-Oct-2012
299 New cancer drug can extend life by 1/2 yr Deccan Herald 02-Oct-2012
300 Soon, a drug to boost blood circulation Deccan Herald 01-Oct-2012
September - [ 2012 ]
Sl.No Title (click to view) Source Date
301 ABLE roadmap to make biotech $100-billion industry by 2025 Business Line 30-Sep-2012
302 Voice recording can detect Parkinson’s Deccan Herald 28-Sep-2012
303 Biocon bags recognition from 'Science' magazine Express Pharma 26-Sep-2012
304 Device allows heart to recover Times Of India 23-Sep-2012
305 Low-cost medicines in pipeline for Alzheimer’s patients. Deccan Herald 20-Sep-2012
306 Biocon arm partners Manipal Business Standard 17-Sep-2012
307 A cavity-fighting jab may end tooth decay forever. Times Of India 17-Sep-2012
308 Scientists develop nose-like device to sniff out cancer cells. Deccan Herald 14-Sep-2012
309 Piramal Health set to unveil patented drug in Europe Business Line 14-Sep-2012
310 Bangalore institutes sign MoU on cancer cure. Deccan Herald 14-Sep-2012
311 New stem cell gel 'can regenerate broken spinal cord nerves' Hindustan Times 14-Sep-2012
312 Biological E launches vaccine to treat Japanese encephalitis Business Line 13-Sep-2012
313 Soon, stem cell cure for deafness. Deccan Herald 13-Sep-2012
314 Panacea Biotec in JV with US' Osmotica Business Standard 12-Sep-2012
315 Public Private Partnerships necessary to boost health sector, says Azad. Times Of India 09-Sep-2012
316 Once-a-day tablets can cure diabetes. Times Of India 06-Sep-2012
317 Raise awareness about allergy-related ailments. Indian Express 03-Sep-2012
318 Strides gets final FDA nod for cancer injection. Financial Chronicle 03-Sep-2012
319 Pfizer, Boehringer’s Drug Helped to Delay Asthma Attacks Bloomberg 03-Sep-2012
August - [ 2012 ]
Sl.No Title (click to view) Source Date
320 Black box instantly decodes your DNA Bangalore Mirror 30-Aug-2012
321 West Pharma Packaging starts moulding unit in Sri City Business Line 27-Aug-2012
July - [ 2012 ]
Sl.No Title (click to view) Source Date
322 Five states join together to formulate common policies for drug procurement Business Line 26-Jul-2012
323 Private equity funds likely to fuel growth in stem-cell banking Economic Times 25-Jul-2012
324 Lupin, Torrent beat market expectations Live Mint 25-Jul-2012
325 Biotech is the only solution to tackling agri shortage: Santosh Nair Business Standard 22-Jul-2012
326 BIO India international conference in Sept Business Line 18-Jul-2012
327 Biocon mulls merger with subsidiary Business Line 18-Jul-2012
328 Serum acquires Dutch firm Bilthoven for over Rs 550 crore Business Line 04-Jul-2012
329 USFDA nod for Lupin’s oral pregnancy pill Financial Chronicle 03-Jul-2012
330 AstraZeneca, Cellworks to design therapies for drug-sensitive TB Business Line 02-Jul-2012
June - [ 2012 ]
Sl.No Title (click to view) Source Date
331 Novozymes, Praj Ind to set up facility to develop bio-fuels. Business Line 20-Jun-2012
332 Syngenta develops new technology to grow cane Business Line 14-Jun-2012
333 Fresh guidelines for biosimilar drug approvals soon Business Standard 10-Jun-2012
334 Trovagene and Strand Life Sciences Plan Collaboration to Validate and Offer Urine-Based HPV Screening Test in India and South Asia Fox8 07-Jun-2012
335 Focus on energy infra: Biotech czarina Deccan Chronicle 06-Jun-2012
336 Lupin receives USFDA approval for antibiotic capsules Business Today 05-Jun-2012
337 Syngene to shift focus to holistic services Business Line 05-Jun-2012
338 Devi Shetty, Sam Pitroda moot facility for holistic healthcare Business Standard 05-Jun-2012
339 Abbott, Biocon arm to set up nutrition research centre Business Line 04-Jun-2012
May - [ 2012 ]
Sl.No Title (click to view) Source Date
340 GoM to decide on CCI filter for FDI in pharma sector. The Financial Express 30-May-2012
341 Domestic pharma market still on strong growth trajectory Mint 23-May-2012
342 India’s drug regulation overdose Mint 20-May-2012
343 ABLE Appeals gujrat govt to allow trials of transgenic crops The Economic Times 17-May-2012
344 Lupin, Aurobindo get USFDA nod for HIV drug The Economic Times 16-May-2012
345 Punjab agriculture capable of absorbing new technologies Hindustan Times 09-May-2012
346 ABLE-AG advocates use of biotech vrops Business Standards 09-May-2012
April - [ 2012 ]
Sl.No Title (click to view) Source Date
347 GoM on drug pricing to meet today The Economic Times 25-Apr-2012
348 Intas Pharma raises Rs 300 crore from ChrysCapital PE Business Line 25-Apr-2012
349 Lupin to set up new plant at Nagpur,invests Rs 400 cr in 5 yrs Business Standard 24-Apr-2012
350 AstraZeneca’s Ardea Purchase May Be First of New Deals Bloomberg Business Week 23-Apr-2012
351 Merck plans Rs 750-cr vaccine lab in India Business Standard 21-Apr-2012
352 FIPB clears Shantha Biotechnics’ Rs 514-cr proposal Business Line 20-Apr-2012
353 Repairing damaged hearts by healing affected cells The Hindu 19-Apr-2012
354 Shasun Pharma targets Rs 2000 cr turnover in 3 yrs Business Standard 19-Apr-2012
355 Lupin resumes anti-diabetic drug sales in US after court nod The Economic Times 19-Apr-2012
356 Piramal acquires molecular imaging R&D portfolio of Bayer The economic Times 16-Apr-2012
357 Shantha Bio to supply cholera vaccine to Haiti The Hindu 16-Apr-2012
358 Drug makers critical of EU non-tariff barrier Business Standard 15-Apr-2012
359 GSK, Teva in talks to buy Micro Labs' India business Business Standard 13-Apr-2012
360 Human stem cells engineered to seek out and kill HIV The Hindu 13-Apr-2012
361 Pharma majors block better deal for victims The Pioneer 10-Apr-2012
362 Stem cells market all set to grow: Study Business Line 08-Apr-2012
363 Research centre opened at Biocon The Hindu 06-Apr-2012
364 Bangalore can boast of bio-research centre The Times Of India 06-Apr-2012
365 Drug-resistant malaria spreading faster and wider The Times Of India 06-Apr-2012
366 Stempeutics scouts for strategic investor Business Standard 05-Apr-2012
367 PMEAC comes up with 3 pricing models to fix retail prices of 328 drugs The economic Times 04-Apr-2012
368 Piramal to raise R&D spend for cancer drugs' trials Financial Chronicle 03-Apr-2012
369 Monsanto opens Rs 28 cr seed conditioning facility at Shamirpet Business Line 02-Apr-2012
370 Shasun Pharma: Product line, R&D edge to drive growth The economic Times 02-Apr-2012
371 Rules to tackle illicit tobacco trade could hit medicines Business Line 01-Apr-2012
372 The Bt show at 10 The Times Of India 01-Apr-2012
March - [ 2012 ]
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373 Pharma policy GoM to decide on price Control Business Standard 26-Mar-2012
374 India has highest number of MDR- TB cases in South East Asia The Hindu 23-Mar-2012
375 XCyton launches therapeutic decision support system Business Standard 18-Mar-2012
376 Budget 2012: No booster shot for biotech The Times Of India 17-Mar-2012
377 Biotechnology sector worried over compulsory licence Business Standard 16-Mar-2012
378 Move over drugs, here come new-age nutraceuticals The Hindu 16-Mar-2012
379 Chikungunya biomarker offers hope for patients Deccan Herald 15-Mar-2012
380 Bt cotton and farmers' suicide not linked: Joshi, Business Standard - March 14, 2012 Business Standard 14-Mar-2012
381 Sharad Joshi supports Bt Cotton, The Times of India -March 14, 2012 Times of India 14-Mar-2012
382 Shetkari Sanghatana joins Pro-Bt cotton chorus - March 14, 2012 March 14, 2012 14-Mar-2012
383 India's first compulsory licence granted to Natco for Bayer's cancer drug Business Line 12-Mar-2012
384 Biocon to launch anti-cholesterol drug in US market from FY13 Business Line 12-Mar-2012
385 Soon, a stem cells jab to beat organ rejection Deccan Herald 11-Mar-2012
386 Ayurveda can cure modern ailments Bangalore Mirror 07-Mar-2012
387 PMO studies impact on consumers and industry Economic Times 07-Mar-2012
388 industry needs tax break, policies to spur growth Business Line 06-Mar-2012
389 India- US starts human trial on Kalazar Vaccines The Times of India 03-Mar-2012
February - [ 2012 ]
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390 Bangalore Declaration calls to remove checks on biotech R&D, Business Standard - February 28, 2012 Business Standard 28-Feb-2012
391 Moratorium on Bt-brinjal not based on actual scientific data: Scientists, DNA - February 28, 2012 DNA 28-Feb-2012
392 Agri scientists urge govt to lift moratorium on Bt-brinjal, The Economic Times - February 28, 2012 The Economic Times 28-Feb-2012
393 Scientists unveil 'Bangalore Declaration' on biotech crops, Business Line - February 28, 2012 Business Line 28-Feb-2012
394 Experts demand ban on Bt Brinjal lifted, The Asian Age - February 28, 2012 The Asian Age 28-Feb-2012
395 Experts demand ban on Bt Brinjal lifted, Deccan Chronicle - February 28, 2012 Deccan Chronicle 28-Feb-2012
396 Agriculture scientists urge govt. to lift moratorium on Bt Brinjal, The Hindu - February 28, 2012 The Hindu 28-Feb-2012
397 Global experts to attend conference on agri biotech, Times of India - February 27, 2012 Times of India 27-Feb-2012
398 Novozymes to bring cost-effective enzymes to make biofuels Business Line 27-Feb-2012
399 Health ministry nod for Hib vaccine sought Deccan Herald 25-Feb-2012
400 WHO plans strategy shift with polio vaccines Deccan Herald 25-Feb-2012
401 Vaccine cos look to govt for regulatory shot in arm Financial Express 24-Feb-2012
402 Stem Cell implants for Parkinson's Deccan Herald 23-Feb-2012
403 Patents + Font Resize - Lupin settles Glumetza patent litigation with Santarus and Depomed Pharmabiz 23-Feb-2012
404 Vaccine trial for kala azar soon Deccan Herald 23-Feb-2012
405 Cardiac Stem cells can restore heart muscles, says study The Hindu 14-Feb-2012
406 ICAR proposes new Bt cotton project Business Standard 13-Feb-2012
407 Shantha Biotech eyes 5 in 1 vaccine re-launch by 2013 Business Line 11-Feb-2012
408 Pharma policy draft to be placed before GoM in 3 weeks Business Standard 10-Feb-2012
409 Biotech meets sheds light on health and wealth DNA 09-Feb-2012
410 'Lack of regulation hurting biotech sector' Business Line 07-Feb-2012
411 Novozymes in pact with Sea6 Energy The Hindu 01-Feb-2012
January - [ 2012 ]
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412 Turn Ideas into economic growth Economic Times 31-Jan-2012
413 How to usher in vaccinnovation in India Economic Times 30-Jan-2012
414 Merck uses R& D arm to grow flagship drugs Financial Express 27-Jan-2012
415 US drug makers Eli Lilly, Jubilant Life call off joint venture Economic Times 25-Jan-2012
416 Money inflow intact, 4 pharma FDI plans Okayed Economic Times 23-Jan-2012
417 Soon, national body to procure, distributed organs Times of India 22-Jan-2012
418 Found: Cells that can prevent spread of Cancer The Times of India 20-Jan-2012
419 Biotech Regulation Must not increase Monopolis Business Line 19-Jan-2012
420 How Lupin cracked the Japanese pharma market Business Standard 19-Jan-2012
421 New CEO for Camson Biotech IIFL 17-Jan-2012
422 India on Virgil for new enemy from LOC, Poliovirus The Times of India 13-Jan-2012
423 Epilepsy gene Discovered IBN live 13-Jan-2012
424 Genotypic Technology Puts its ERP on the Cloud CIO IN 12-Jan-2012
425 A step Closer to HIV prevention The Hindu 11-Jan-2012
426 Brouhaha over Bt brinjal nothing but political: Herring The Pioneer 10-Jan-2012
427 Kiran Mazumdar Shaw- The 25 most influential people in Biopharma today Fierce Biotech 07-Jan-2012
428 Human Trial on HIV Vaccine get under way The Times of India 04-Jan-2012
429 Gujrat to develop quick detection kit for fake drugs Business Standard 03-Jan-2012
430 Lupin gets FDA approval for generic Tricor Tablet The Hindu 01-Jan-2012
July - [ 2013 ]
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431 Foreign investors may have to continue making essential drugs Business Line 01-Jul-2013
432 A new paradigm in low-cost innovation across the seven seas Business Standard 29-Jun-2013
433 Aurobindo gets USFDA nod for HIV-1 drug Business Standard 28-Jun-2013
434 Will FDI policy shape the future of pharma Money Control 30-Nov--0001
March - [ 2013 ]
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435 a small victory in war on HIV -AIDs Deccan Herald 06-Mar-2013
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