Applicants must be students who are currently pursuing their masters (including 5 year integrated post graduate degree), doctoral degree, BE or B.Tech courses, 4yr BSc. Agri programme and other four year professional courses in the area of life sciences (bioscience/biotechnology and/or related subjects) from Indian universities/Institutes. Team should

  • There should be 5 members in a team
  • At least two members in the team of five should have Lifescience background. In case where all the 5 team members are pursuing masters in other discipline/s (say Management), minimum two members should hold a life science undergraduate degree.
  • Each team will submit only one entry. A participant can be a member of only one team. Core biotechnology disciplines under which Proposals will be invited include Agriculture, Aquaculture, Alternate Energy/Bio-energy, Biological Applications, Bioprocess Engineering, Drug discovery & Development, Environment, Food, Human Resource Development, Medical, Medical Diagnostics, Medical devices, Medical Therapeutics, Nanobiology/Nanobiotechnology, and Vaccines.

The proposals could be either for product, service or an application.

Important: The proposals will be screened stringently for plagiarism. If plagiarism is found at any given stage of the programme, the team will be debarred & the head of the institution will be notified.

Candidates selected in any of the previous BEST programs are not eligible for applying in current BEST edition.