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Boot Camp- Intellectual Property 2011
Date : 20-Jan-2011
Venue : Bangalore
Highlights of the Activity :
ABLE in collaboration with C-CAMP, Lakshmikumaran&Sridharan, organized an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) conference titled ‘US, European and India Patent Law for Protection of Inventions in Pharma and Biotech’ on 20th January’11 at the C-CAMP facility, Bangalore. This one day conference was a great success with more than 50 delegates from the Biotech Industry, Law Firms and Academic Institutions. Three eminent speakers Mr. James Hallenback, Licensed Attorney, Schwegman, Lundberg &Woessner, Dr. Stefan Danner, German and European Patent Attorney, DHS PatentanWaltsgesellschaft GmbH and Dr.MalathiLakshmikumaran, expert in Pharma and Biotech Patenting discussed the latest developments in Patent Laws, Patentable Subject Matter, Double Patenting issues, Assessment of Novelty and Inventive Step, Industrial applicability, Patent Specification and Drafting including claims.
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