DBT announces call for SAHAJ – the access for research resources and facilities

DBT has announced the Access of its Research Resources and Facilities supported across the country, by way of Scientific Infrastructure Access for Harnessing Academia University Research Joint Collaboration, (SAHAJ).

Each DBT Autonomous Institute and DBT supported Infrastructure program will make available its high-endequipment and infrastructure to Research Institutes, Universities, Colleges and Start-ups /Entrepreneurs. Their website shall reflect Infrastructure facility usage forms with well-defined usage charges terms and conditions.

The details of the application procedure can be accessed at the respective websites of the Institutes hosting these facilities.For Students/researcher who do not have any government or other funding /fellowship or research grant, a special infrastructure Access Grant capped at Rs10.0Lakh/year will be made available to the host institute to allow these students/ researchers to access the infrastructure on competitive basis.

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