NRGene and Syngenta expand genomics collaboration in key crops

Syngenta, the global agrochemical and seed company, and Israel-based NRGene, the leading genomics-to-breeding solution provider, has announced a key milestone in their multi-year collaboration. The deal centers around NRGene’s cloud-based big data analytics platform, GenoMAGICTM, which enables high performance molecular breeding.

Syngenta has successfully completed a one-year trial of GenoMAGIC, evaluating its ability to identify and compare the full genetic makeup of large populations and select the best candidates for efficient breeding.

In addition, Syngenta has chosen to decode the full genomic makeup of dozens of its elite varieties in key commercial crops, using NRGene’s DeNovoMAGICTM-3 software. The resulting data will be used to expand the application of genomics in breeding, gene editing, and other genetic research projects.

“Based on this one-year trial, we are confident that NRGene’s analytical platform is the optimal tool to support our genomics-based, molecular breeding pipeline,” said Stuart Harrison, Head Technology Integration, Syngenta Global Seeds Research. “We are excited to expand the collaboration using GenoMAGIC in maize.”

GenoMAGIC is routinely used by seed companies like Syngenta to support increasing global demand for food with higher nutritional value. Vast genomic data is now being generated for all major consumer crops. GenoMAGIC integrates this data and provides immediate access and insights for breeding better performing varieties.

Following a successful pilot, Syngenta has chosen the GenoMAGIC platform to support its advanced molecular breeding program in maize

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