Call for R&D Proposals on food fortification and newer technologies to improve bioavailability of nutrients

Nutritional anaemia is primarily caused due to deficiencies of micronutrients Food fortification as a strategy to address micronutrient malnutrition, has the dual advantage of being able to deliver nutrients to large segments of the population without requiring radical changes in food consumption patterns.

With an aim of making food fortification more efficacious and to help to reduce the burden of micronutrient malnutrition in the country, this department proposes to support R&D proposals in the following thrust areas of food fortification:

1. Novel fortificants/additives that can enhance the bioavailability of fortificants.

2. Sensory, acceptability and stability studies of fortified staples in real field conditions, food interactions and methods to overcome negative nutrient-nutrient/food interactions

3. Generate data on bioavailability of bio-fortified versus fortified food.

4. Micronutrient combinations to impact anaemia, bone health, reproductive health, work productivity, immunity etc among vulnerable population groups.

5. Studies that would evaluate potential negative interactions on health in response to consumption of fortified foods.

6. Role of other micronutrient nutrients (eg, calcium, zinc, vitamins) in determining co- fortification levels with iron for staples.

7. Studies that would provide new insights, data on fortified food acceptance, consumption, enablers, deterrents from the various stake holders (farmer, miller, consumer, socio economic, behavioral and cultural interactions).

Eligibility: Applications may be submitted by public and private universities, colleges, Institutes, non-profit organizations (recognized by DSIR as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO)). Development of interdisciplinary collaborative research team with involvement of experts from biomedical field is encouraged.

How to apply: Applicants should submit full proposal on or before the deadline through DBT Epromis portal and submit two hard copies to Dr.Balendra Singh, Scientist-C, Department of Biotechnology, Block- 3, Room No. 525B, 5th floor, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110003 and email the soft copy to email: The link to submit proposal can be accessed by registering and logging in as P.I in portal: The deadline for submission of full proposal is 26th December, 2019 For any queries, contact Dr.Balendra Singh, Scientist-C, Email- / Dr.A.Vamsi Krishna, Scientist-E, Email-

With an aim of making food fortification more efficacious and to help to reduce the burden of micronutrient malnutrition in the country, DBT has called for R&D proposals.

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