e-Zest and Neurosynaptic develop solution to help control COVID-19 pandemic

e-Zest SolutionsandNeurosynaptic Communications have announced the ReMeDiSCAN-CORONA platform, an innovative technology solution to help control the Novel COVID-19 pandemic.

The ReMeDiSCAN-CORONA platform has a 3-pronged approach to controlling the Pandemic that makes the task of Screening, Testing, Tracking and Reporting extremely easy and manageable at a large scale.

Shree Shingane, Founder and Managing Director, e-Zest Solutions GmbH, said “Mass screening and testing is the need of the hour. With the scarcity of Healthcare Professionals, there is a need of technology enabled platforms to do this at a large scale with minimal to no human intervention. The ReMeDSCAN-CORONA brings together remote healthcare expertise and the power of emerging technology such as AI & ML, and promises to reduce the load on the healthcare system, so that timely care reaches the right set of people as fast as possible.”

The solution features a Corona-Screen Kit – a portable, lightweight kit that includes basic screening tools that seamlessly connect and feed data into a Patient Health Record (PHR) system without any manual intervention. It also features a geo-tagging powered Screening app that, by importing and analyzing data from the screening tools as well as travel and medical history. The input from a 3rdparty COVID-19 rapid testing kit further enhances the accuracy of the outcome.

“ReMeDiSCAN-CORONA helps front-line health workers to quickly assess the essential risk factors for a person digitally. It has the unique ability to track the progression of symptoms with time. The Tele-consultation facility allows individuals to obtain counselling as well as consult doctors independent of location, to access timely information and guidance. We are proud to present this solution in collaboration with e-Zest,” said Sameer Sawarkar CEO - Neurosynaptic.

The solution can bring a big relief for COVID-19 screening efforts, it is equally advantageous to heavily burdened Healthcare Providers in remotely treating the non-Corona health requirements as well.

The team had acknowledged the valuable contribution in terms of clinical inputs for application development from Dr Nandakumar, a renowned Public Health expert.

The solution features a Corona-Screen Kit – a portable, lightweight kit that includes basic screening tools.

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