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ABLE- Agriculture Group

ABLE formed an Agricultural Group (AG), consisting of twelve member companies that are considered leading technology providers of modern agricultural biotechnology to the country.

The members are


Agricultural biotech traits entered India in 2002 in the form of Bt Cotton. The last seven years have seen a tremendous benefit being delivered to the Indian cotton farmer. It is estimated that in 2008 about 20m acres of Bt cotton was planted in the country. The yields of cotton have gone up from 320 Kg of kapas per acre to 550 Kg of kapas per acre in the last seven years essentially because of the benefits brought by the technology.

However the business environment in the country for Ag biotech companies currently poses serious challenges in spite of the tremendous benefits delivered by the technology so far. The challenges are related to the ability of the technology providers to charge the right price for their technology, the ability of companies to have the freedom to operate in different states of the country, the emerging regulatory framework for transgenic crops, etc.

On the other hand the world is moving rapidly towards adopting more biotech traits. The next generation traits like drought tolerance are slated for launch in the next few years in the world.

With the present business environment in the country the technology providers are looking for various initiatives that can change the situation and make it more favourable to the development and launch of new biotech traits. They see the need for implementing a comprehensive dialogue with different stake holders, particularly the Government, to bring about a change in the scenario.

The group has decided to come together in this background and with the intention of creating a facilitating environment to the development and introduction of superior biotech traits in Indian agriculture.

  • Create an enabling environment in India for the development of new and superior biotech traits that can enhance the productivity of Indian agriculture.
  • Create a platform to facilitate a constructive dialogue with different stakeholders, and to explain the benefits of the technology, the difficulties faced by technology providers and the need for an enabling environment that is required for the healthy growth of safe technology in India.
  • Create awareness of different stakeholders on the use and the benefits of various biotech traits and tools that are available to the country.
  • Work with the government on various policies related matters, and ensure that the views of the industry are properly incorporated in the formulation of different policies of the government in relation to agricultural biotechnology.
  • Emerge as an influential voice of the industry.

Eligibility Criteria for joining ABLE -AG
The group is open to admit only agricultural technology providers. To be eligible for admission, the company should be either, an original technology provider or should hold an exclusive license for the technology with rights to sublicense. Should be a member of Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises (ABLE)

For more details on ABLE-AG please contact:
Dr.Nadoor Seetharama
Executive Director, ABLE-AG
E-Mail id: seetharama@ableindia.com
Mobile Number: 8527277688

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