Documents Required

Prparation Of Documents

  • Executive Summary
  • Concept Note

The components of Executive Summary and Concept Note are given below.

Executive Summary (800 Words not exceeding 100KB)

The Executive Summary should include:

  • Title
  • Define the idea
  • Establish Novelty/Innovativeness of the Idea
  • Demonstrate Intellectual Property generation/Trademark (as applicable)
  • Include Competitive Analysis and Market Potential.
  • Determine Commercialization Potential and Scalability- should also indicate which stage your idea is in, for example-Idea stage/prototype stage/proof of concept/near commercialization.

Concept Note (Not exceeding 500 KB)

The Concept Note should include:

  • Concept Note title
  • Concept and Scientific Rationale of the idea
  • Market Potential
  • Commercialization prospects and Scalability
  • Current challenges and roadblocks in the development
  • project including regulatory approvals.


Before you start the online process to participate in this year's BEST programme, make sure you have the digital files of all records mentioned below:

  • PDF version of the Executive Summary not exceeding 100 KB.
  • PDF version of the Concept Note, not exceeding 500KB.
  • PDF version of the letter from the Institute authorizing your team’s participation. File size should not exceed 100 kb.
    • If members of a team are from the same Institute, the same authorization letter with the name of all the team members can be uploaded against individual member’s name.
    • If members of a team are from different Institutes, authorization letter from respective Institute must be uploaded.
  • PDF version of photo-identity cards of all the team members issued by the respective College/Institute. The PDF version should consists both the sides of the identity card. The identity card should include the Validity of the card. If the validity of the card is not mentioned in the card then a separate letter from the HOD should be attached in the same PDF. Each file should not exceed 100 kb.

Important: In the Executive Summary and Concept Note PDF Should not have any reference to the Institution they belong to.

Kindly mention your correct full name in the form. The same name will be displayed in the certificate