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Oh those Variants
Anu Acharya , Mapmygenome

20 years ago, when I took a sudden dive into the world of genomics, its terminology was restricted to the tiny genomic universe where I found myself thriving. The outside world knew it as an interesting thing t ...

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How to speed up the vaccination drive
PM Murali/Narayanan Suresh

Roping in more producers, importing, and reworking the Covishield second shot to 12 weeks are some options before the govt

The nation is grappling with the mammoth task of vaccinating ...

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‘Nothing Very Unusual About SARS-CoV-2 In India That Makes It More Or Less Virulent’
Anoo Bhuyan, IndiaSpend

New DelhiAs COVID-19 has ravaged through the world infecting more than 4 million people and killing nearly 280,000 in just five month 5ths, there is still n ...

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COVID19: Why diagnostics?
Premnath Venugopalan

Some thoughts on "Why testing?" in this Covid19 crisis and the purposes it could serve

There is a lot of clamour about testing for COVID19. My view is that testing for testing sake is of no ...

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Monumental Blunder to ask free COVID-19 testing by private labs
Dr P M Murali

Could private labs really have the cash flow to test free as directed by the Honorable Supreme court?

A supreme court verdict has come into considerable debate across the country. Could privat ...

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Biopharma sales helps India BioEconomy surge to 51 Billion Dollar
Mr Shrikumar Suryanarayanan

National BioEconomy grew nearly 15 percent to $51 billion in 2018 from about $44 billion in previous year.

Surging sales of Biotherapeutics, vaccines, biosimilars, increasing demand for a wide range o ...

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