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Jun 2022

Hands on workshop and Webinar on World Microbiome Day

Event Overview

World Microbiome Day honors all things microbial and emphasizes how microbiomes, through coexisting with humans, animals, and plants, have a huge impact on the health and balance of the habitats we live in. The World Microbiome Day is being observed this year on June 27th by international researchers with the goal of raising awareness and sharing their passion and expertise about the vast world of microorganisms. Dietary interventions, prebiotic and probiotic supplementation, human donor-derived faecal microbiota transplants, chosen combinations of bacterial strains used as live biotherapeutics, and beneficial goods or microorganisms have all been developed because of microbiome research. 

Event Summary

On World Microbiome Day, ABLE is supporting the conduct of hands-on workshops with simultaneous sessions at Bengaluru & Mangaluru by its members viz., Merck Life Sciences, Bengaluru and Yenepoya Research Centre, Mangaluru. Also, in collaboration with another member BioTecNika Info Labs, Bengaluru it brings together academic and industrial professionals to discuss how the human microbiome, which is sometimes referred to as a "mystery organ," might be better understood. Also discussed will be the current technological advancements that allow for the development of a new generation of biotherapeutics. 


In person hands-on Workshop on "Microbiome Analysis - Tools & Practices" with sessions happening simultaneously at Bengaluru and Mangaluru from 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM (IST). Interested candidates can register themselves to any one of the workshop using the links given below.



Contact details:

Merck Life Science: Ms. Anshul Sharma  (Email Anshul.sharma@external.Merckgroup.com; Mobile: 8837669678)

Yenepoya Research Centre: Dr. Bhagwan Rekadwad (Email: rekadwad@yenepoya.edu.in; Mobile: 9422365021) 


Merck-Bengaluru, Yenepoya-Mangaluru & Live on Youtube

Organiser Details

ABLE in collaboration with it's members Yenepoya University, Mangaluru, Merck Life Science, Bengaluru and BioTecNika is organizing hands-on workshop and webinar.

  • : info@ableindia.org.in
  • : 080 41636853 / 2563 3853