The newly elected Executive Committee has taken charge since April 2015 and has embarked on several initiatives which are aimed at bringing the stake holders closer and aligned to the founding goal of enabling the Indian Biotech Industry. One of the first actions take up was revitalising our member engagement through active and constant feedback and member focused initiatives.


Whether you are an entrepreneur, a scientist, a student, government, industry or an investor, ABLE equips you with inputs in any sphere of Biotechnology that you require. From guiding emerging technological breakthroughs, to presenting job opportunities and enhancing the potential of commercializing Biotech research, ABLE embodies and represents the interests of all stakeholders of Biotechnology in India.


If you wish to engage with ABLE, there are few categories of membership available:

  1. Patron Gold Membership
  2. Corporate Membership
  3. Associates/ Affiliates/ Academic/ Financial Instituition Membership
  4. Startup Membership
  5. Foreign Membership

Features of Membership:

  • An ABLE membership equips you with inputs in any sphere of Biotechnology that you require.
  • ABLE showcases strengths and provides visibility to member companies through various channels.
  • ABLE acts as a single point of reference for comprehensive information relevant to the Indian Biotech industry.


The past year has been very difficult due to the continuing Covid-19 pandemic.  However, we are glad that our member companies like Serum Institute of India, Bharat Biotech, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, Biocon Group and others have been at the forefront of mitigating the situation with their world class vaccines and products.


Also, our member companies have supported each other to share knowledge, leverage each other’s strengths and mentor and encourage many innovative biotech startups to bring a variety of products and solutions to tackle COVID-19. ABLE, as an organization, too has adapted to the new ways of working, conducting a variety of events using the digital platforms with monthly webinar series, online networking events with biotech companies in foreign countries, provide platforms to connect with businesses outside through special arrangements and update members about the industry happenings through digital newsletters.


The new leadership team at ABLE has been meeting and ideating regularly to plan for the future.

Some of the key new initiatives are:

  • Amending the original bylaws of the Associations making it contemporary with needs of the modern biotechnology industry
  • Expanding Association’s footprint by opening its Regional Chapters
  • Setting-up a Council of Presidents comprising past Presidents and current President of ABLE as an advisory body to guide the Association
  • Reworking membership categories and clearly spelling out the entitlements for each category
  • Setting-up a panel of curated domain experts and consultants who are available to assist member companies and biotech start-ups to navigate the complex issues around Regulations, Policies, Business environment, and more.


Benefits of Membership:

Governing Body of ABLE has spelt out the various entitlements for each category of membership.
  • Special invitee for select EC meetings (Only Patron Gold member)
  • General Advisory support (Only Patron Gold, Corporates, Startups)
  • Access to paid advisory support (Only Patron Gold, Corporates, Startups)
  • Regular Newsletter industry update (All categories)
  • Discount for ABLE event sponsor (All except Startups)
  • Mentoring/ Counselling / Lecture for the students (Institutions and Startups)
  • Invite to special sessions/webinar of specific relevance (All categories)
  • Access to database (from Institutions) for Interns and Candidates ready for recruitment (Only Patron Gold, Corporates, Startups)


Category Annual Revenue Joining & Annual Renewal Fee
 Corporates A  > Rs 1,000 crore  Rs 125,000+18% GST
 Corporates B  Rs 500-1000 crore  Rs 75,000+ 18% GST
 Corporates C  Rs 50-500 crore  Rs 40,000+18% GST
 Corporates D  < Rs 50 crore  Rs 15,000+18% GST
(Academic institutions, Consultants, financial institutions, Trade consulates, government agencies, reseach centers)
   Rs 20,000+18% GST
(Biotech startups less than 7 years old. Subsequent renewals at applicable Annual Revenue range)
   Rs 1,500 +18% GST


Category One time Enrolment Fee Annual Renewal Fee
Patron Gold  Rs 500,000 + 18% GST  Rs 100,000 + 18% GST


Note: Membership validity is for Calendar Year ( January -December)