My Entrepreneurial Journey with Richcore Lifesciences

December 30 @ 4 PM

Establishing a High Growth Biotech company

November 27 @ 4 PM

Importance of home-grown Bt Brinjal field trials and what this means for India's GM crops sector

October 30 @ 4 PM

COVID-19 Vaccine Development Status: Dr Harish Iyer Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

August 28 @ 5 PM

Webinar on International Biotech Startups and their Institutional Support System

August 27 @ 4 PM

A Journey from Data Science to Precision Medicine: Dr Vijay Chandru

July 31 @ 4pm

Webinar on Understanding the Biodiversity Laws

June 25 @ 4 PM

Praj Global Tech Leadership in Green Fuels: Dr Pramod Chaudhari Praj Industries

September 26 @ 11 AM

Webinar on Advanced Process Solutions for Bio-Pharma Industry

February 12 @ 4 PM