BEST - India

ABLE, the Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises(, has been successfully conducting the Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Student Teams (BEST India) program to inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship among biotech students since 2009, with the support of the Department of Biotechnology.

This program has been encouraging young graduate, post-graduate and doctoral students in developing their entrepreneurial skills by exposing them to issues involved in the commercialization of biosciences. Over the past decade, at least, 20 companies have been formed by BEST graduates that together have garnered more than Rs 400 crore in investment and have created 180 high value jobs. Startups like Sea6Energy , Pandorum Technologies, and KB Cols , which have emerged from BEST program, have won many laurels for the country over the years.

ABLE will be conducting BEST 2019 program with the support of its member companies on a shoe-string budget this time. It is mainly to maintain the continuity of the highly acclaimed BEST program before the end of the financial year, 2019-2020.

ABLE has decided to organize the BEST 2019 program this year using the latest communication technologies for interaction instead of a physical bootcamp.

Top 12 Shortlisted Students teams will make the usual 15-minute presentation to the jury over a teleconferencing facility, tentatively scheduled for Saturday, 29th February 2020.
Cash prizes to be given to Top 3 teams. Based on fund availability, we may give cash prizes to the Top 5 teams.
Webinars will be conducted with ABLE’s leadership team providing motivational talks. First set of webinars will start on Saturday, 15 February 2020.
The Bootcamp coordinators will also aim to provide online tutorials to help student teams prepare the final presentation.
The announcement of winners and prize distribution is scheduled to be held during the ABLE BioEconomy Conclave on March 12-13, 2020 at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore.

The proposals should be related in the areas of:

  • ECOLOGY / CLIMATE CHANGE (ECC): Air Pollution, Water Contamination, and Lake & River rejuvenation, Solid Waste Management, Soil Water Quality
  • HUMAN HEALTH INNOVATION (HHI): BioPharma / BioMedical Devices & Diagnostics, Non-Invasive Diagnostic Tools, Stem Cell Processing, Artificial Human Parts Production
  • FOOD & FARM INNOVATION (FFI): Smart & sustainable agriculture, Food & nutrition, BioStimulants & BioAgricultural tools and technology, Seed Processing Services and technology, Animal Health technology, Livestock productivity improvement technologies, Artificial Food Sweeteners, Food Supplements, Nutrition Supplements, etc.
  • BIOENERGY & BIO-BASED MANUFACTURING (BEM): Biofuels, Bio-Gas Production / technology, Wastewater treatment, Biodegradable plastic production, Water extractors, Leather technologies, Enzymes, etc.
  • BIG DATA & AI INNOVATION (BDAI):Artificial Intelligence in biotech including data sciences, Big Data for Biotech, “Omic” solutions and platforms for sequencing and other studies, Forensic DNA analysis tools, etc.

  • Note: The Idea and solutions need to be affordable and usable by any person and be ready to use within 12-24 months.

  • The LAST DATE to Register your team at and upload your concept note is 07th February 2020.
    Please note that Each college can send a maximum of only TWO (2) entries.
    Top 12 teams will be shortlisted for the finals.
    Please mention which of the FIVE areas the submission is related to in the Subject mail.